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Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings – Alachua County Writer

4 min read

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings is one of the most popular North Florida. She led an exciting writer’s life. Mrs. Rawlings started out working at a newspaper [more…]

Alachua County Fla Writers YA Fiction

Clifford Gionet – Alachua County Writer

3 min read

Clifford Gionet is a newly, first-time published author in his 70s. He attended my Zoom presentation for the Writers Alliance of Gainesville at the beginning [more…]

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Happy New Year Changes

2 min read

Happy New Year Changes Hello everyone and Happy New Year. We have made some changes to the website and some of our sister sites as [more…]

Alachua County Fla Writers Mystery Writers

Sam Berretti Alachua County Writer

4 min read

Sam Berretti is a Gainesville, Florida mystery, suspense writer. He has an ‘in’ with a media consultant who produced his video interview for us. It [more…]

Alachua County Fla Writers Romance Writer

Jessica Dale – Alachua County Writer

3 min read

Jessica Dale is the alter ego of mystery writer Kassandra Lamb. Since, she was one of the first to volunteer for this grand experiment we [more…]

Alachua County Fla Writers Non-Fiction Writers

Susie Baxter – Alachua County Writer

6 min read

Susie H. Baxter is an Alachua County Florida published writer. She keeps a full speaking and teaching schedule. In the questions, she tells you about [more…]