Happy Tuesday – Maggie Fitzroy Says It Could Be Trouble

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Happy Tuesday – Maggie Fitzroy Says It Could Be Trouble – the second book in the Story Smith Mystery Series set in 1955 Philadelphia has been released. We saved this post so it could be, you guessed it, posted on a Tuesday!

Tuesday Means Trouble by Maggie Fitzroy

Matching wits with her crush has never been more dangerous …

It’s the summer of 1955 and Philadelphia’s newest private investigator, Story Smith, is hellbent on proving to the world that she has what it takes to solve cases as well, or better, than any male P.I. in town.

Her first case—dramatically solving the disappearance of a doctor’s wife— put her in the national news. Now that she’s barely had time to catch her breath, she finds herself investigating the murder of a socialite gunned down on an ordinary Tuesday morning while grooming her horse.

The victim’s husband is the main suspect, and the victim’s daughter hires Story to prove her father is innocent. But is he? And can Story prove it before he gets arrested—and before she gets herself killed? Because when a million-dollar life insurance policy surfaces, it changes everything, and brings Story’s handsome competitor and secret crush, Steve Evans, into the picture. An increasingly dangerous and deadly picture with a cast of quirky suspects, including a maybe-for-real psychic medium, an elusive tarot card reader, a woman rumored to be related to the Jersey Devil, and the victim’s glamorous and maybe-too-good-to-be-true best friend next door.

Once again, Story finds herself competing with Steve in a search for the truth, until someone else ends up dead, and the two private eyes must team up to survive.

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About the First Book in the Series

Never on Monday by Maggie Fitzroy

It’s the summer of 1955 in Philadelphia and newly-licensed private investigator Story Smith is ready for action, ready for adventure, and gunning to prove she has what it takes to succeed— even though she still needs to buy a gun and learn how to use it.

Her competitor, highly experienced P.I. Steve Evans, dismisses her as a naïve blonde in heels, who’s not going to last long in a man’s business. And Story suspects the arrogant gumshoe might be right. Then a prominent physician hires her to find his missing wife, and Story’s eager to prove Steve wrong.

During her investigation, she learns the spoiled wife is not the saint her wealthy husband believes, and that finding her means following a trail littered with danger, deception, and mystery. Reluctantly teaming up with Steve, who’s working as a bodyguard for a key witness, Story sets out on a quest for the truth.

A quest that includes road trips, a cross-country flight, hidden identities, blackmail, red herrings, suspense, revenge, and murder.

About the Author

Author Maggie Fitzroy

Maggie FitzRoy lives with her husband, dog, and two cats in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. She is the author of historical romance, romantic suspense, and romantic mystery thriller novels. She fell in love with reading fiction when she discovered Nancy Drew in third grade and always wanted to create her female detective. Weaving together mystery and romance, Tuesday Means Trouble is the second book in the Story Smith Mystery series, following Never on Monday. For information about all of Maggie’s novels, and to receive updates on her future books, including the next Story Smith and Steve Evans adventure, Woe is Wednesday, visit her website https://www.maggiefitzroy.com

Check out her previous post on this site: CLICK HERE to read her interview and see the little video we did. For all those other North Florida Authors out there – Check out the Submission page to get your featured article done soon!

My Review of the First Book on Goodreads

Never on MondayNever on Monday by Maggie FitzRoy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

private female gumshoe in the 50s

Very cool premise and the storyline is pretty good for a first in series. There is enough elements in the story to keep you in the timeline. The characters are fully developed but a few of rhetorical characters seemed too over the top but when you think for a minute you know a person who acts just like that somewhere in your life.

I am looking forward to the next book coming out

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