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We have created a comprehensive listing of all the published authors who lives or lived in the eastern North Florida region. For our purposes, we are including the following counties: Duval, Nassau, Baker, St. Johns, Bradford, Columbia, Suwannee, Lafayette, Alachua, Hamilton, Clay, Putnam, Union, Flagler, Gilchrist, Dixie, Taylor, Madison, Jefferson, Marion, Levy, and Volusia. Anything west of Jefferson is really considered to be in the Northwest Florida area and below Marion is really considered Central Florida. Yes, there are lots of different interpretations of what counties should be placed in what areas but we added these because we can get to them within an hour’s drive time or less from Columbia county and for no other reason.

We have created different pages to separate the authors alphabetically. We have created a booklet for the public libraries within the above counties. This will help them to make suggestions to their patrons and, hopefully, plan more “Local Author” events in the future. If you are a published writer who grew up and/or is now living within these counties and want to be included or need your listing updated please use our CONTACT US form to let us know and we will add you or make the changes to your listing.

NE Fla Published Writers A and B
NE Fla Published Writers C and D
NE Fla Published Writers E and F
NE Fla Published Writers G and H
NE Fla Published Writers I to K
NE Fla Published Writers L and M
NE Fla Published Writers N and O
NE Fla Published Writers P and Q
NE Fla Published Writers R and S
NE Fla Published Writers T to V
NE Fla Published Writers W to Z

In our listings, we have included the author’s name, any pen name they have published under, their author’s website, author’s Facebook page, author’s Twitter page, and any other social media or contact information that they use to keep in touch with their readers. We would prefer not to include personal social media pages as they are for your friends and family and not necessarily for your fans. We have listed all of their published works along with the publishing date and possibly grouped them in series. Some of these dates may be wrong as we use the dates listed on the buying sites. We have a link to each of the books on Amazon or wherever they are promoting the sale of their books to their fans. Yes, the links to Amazon have a code in them to give us credit for the purchase and we might receive a couple of pennies for each purchase.

We hope you will support our local authors and buy their books, post reviews on several sites, and get in touch with them to tell them you enjoyed their efforts. Again, any published author who wishes to be included in the list, please CONTACT US and we will be happy to add you, like your social media, share your posts and you can participate in the North Florida Writer’s Blog Tour as well.

Our current sponsor for this website and the tour is Southern Dragon Publishing. If you would need assistance with self-publishing we may have just the right service for you.