North Florida Writers C and D

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Below is a listing of all the Northeast Florida published authors we can find or have been told about with the last names beginning with the letters C and D. If you are a published northeast Florida author and your name isn’t listed please use CONTACT US form and let us know we would be happy to add you.

Kasey Lynn Carothers (YA-Suspense)
Mayo, Florida
Personal Facebook Page:

The Creepy House down Spooky Lane – Nov 2017

Elsie H. Carr – (Non-Fiction/Fantasy-Romance)
St. Augustine, Fl
Personal Facebook: (no posts since 2016)

A Comprehensive Guide to Lodgings of St. Augustine (Co-Author Robert Carr) – May 2012 – no longer available for purchase

The Legend of Abigail Rose – May 2013

Sudye Cauthen (General Fiction/Non-Fiction)
White Springs, Fl
Personal Facebook:

Alone, on the River This Spring – 2002 – OUT OF PRINT
Southern Comforts: Rooted in a Florida Place – Nov 2007
Waking Up In The Floodplain – 2010
The Salvation of Maggie Rider: Stories from Nokofta – 2010

Gracie L. Chandler (Historical Fiction)
Jacksonville, Fl
Personal Facebook Page: (hasn’t posted anything to the page since it’s creation in 2018)

Free To Be: A Novel – June 2015

Sydney Clary (Romance/Non-Fiction Writer) [A.K.A. Lacey Dancer]
Live Oak, Florida
All contact information under Lacey Dancer Below

Care Giving: Real Life Answers – 2014

Aileen N. Cook (YA Fiction-Fantasy/Children/Teens)
Jacksonville, Fl

Santa’s First Noel – Aug 2013
Secrets of the Sycamore – Jan 2016
Trucker Daddy – Dec 2016
Little Miss Not So Perfect – Jan 2017

The Magic Book (The Pharian Chronicles 1) – Feb. 2017
The Shark Skull (The Pharian Chronicles Book 2) – Jan 2017
Conquering Evil (The Pharian Chronicles Book 3) – Feb. 2017
Life of the Damned (The Pharian Chronicles Book 4) – Feb 2017

Pushed Over The Edge – Feb 2017
Fang City – Jan 2019
Bunny’s First Easter – Feb 2022

Janet Cooper (Mystery/Historical Romance)
Jacksonville Beach, Fl
Amazon Profile Page:

Romance Novels
Independence– 2012
Loving My Enemy – 2012 AKA Mooncussers
Another Chance – 2013

Murder in the Low-country Series
River of Lies – Book 1 – 2014
Retribution – Book 2 – 2015
Secret Deceptions – Book 3 – 2017

Arthur “Art” Crummer (Fiction)
Gainesville, Fl
No other Web Presence
Personal Facebook Page:

Wrestling God: The All-True Misadventures of a Small Town Boy – Nov 2013

Floating Island: Awakening Paul (Fixing Things Book 2) – 2017

Almost Everywhere Convergent: Poetry Chapbook 3.14159 (Lacuna Character Poetry 1) – 2017

Jessica Dale (Romantic Suspense) (a.k.a. Kassandra Lamb)
Gainesville, Fl
Steamy Romance Page:

Unintended Consequences Series</em?
Payback- Book 1 – Jan 2018
Backlash – Book 2 – Feb 2018
Backfire – coming soon

Binding Love Series
Binding Vows – Nov 2018
Binding Choice – May 2017

Lacey Dancer [A.K.A. Sydney Clary] – (Romance/Non-Fiction)
Live Oak, Florda
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page:
Instagram Page:
Pinterest Page:
YouTube Channel:
Facebook Page for Caregiving:

The Pippa Series
Choices – Book 1 – 2013
Diamond and Ice – Book 2 – 2016
Thirteen Nights of Luck – Book 3 – 2022

The Live Oak Series
Chasing the Fire – Book 1 – 2015
Playing with Fire – Book 2 – 2017
Strike the Fire – Book 3 – 2018
Catch the Fire – Book 4 – 2020
Light the Fire – Book 5 – 2021

The Truth Series
Truth Kills – Book 1 – 2019
Truth Tells – Book 2 – 2020
Truth Wins – Book 3 – 2022

Non-Fiction Books by Sydney Clary
Care Giving: Real Life Answers – 2014

Joyce Davidson (Historical Fiction)
Jacksonville, Florida
Amazon Profile Page:
Personal Facebook:

Olivia’s Favorites – 2007
Moss Grove – 2012
Along Sunken Roads – 2015

Jack E. Davis (History/Non-Fiction)
Gainesville, Fl
Could not locate an author website or Facebook page.
Work Website:
Person Facebook Page:

The Civil Rights Movement – Oct 2000
The Wide Brim: Early Poems and Ponderings of Marjory Stoneman Douglas (Florida History and Culture) – April 2002
Making Waves: Female Activists in Twentieth-Century Florida (Florida History and Culture) – Mar 2003
Race Against Time: Culture and Separation in Natchez Since 1930 – Oct 2004
Paradise Lost?: The Environmental History of Florida (Florida History and Culture) – Sept 2005
An Everglades Providence: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the American Environmental Century (Environmental History and the American South Ser.) – Feb 2009
The Gulf: The Making of An American Sea – Mar 2018

Dr. Jimmy Deas (Christian/Inspirational)
Live Oak, Florida
Facebook Page:

A Teachers Gift and Other Stories – Jan 2019
Ran Like Joseph – Feb 2019
The Jonah Trait: A fresh look at an intriguing book – Aug 2019

George R. Dekle, Sr. “Bob” (Non-Fiction/True-Crime)
Gainesville, Fl
Graduated from Columbia High School in Lake City and, University of Florida
Writing Website:
Personal Blog:

Prosecution Principles: A Clinical Handbook (Coursebook)– Aug 2007
The Last Murder: The Investigation, Prosecution, and Execution of Ted Bundy – May 2011
The Case against Christ: A Critique of the Prosecution of Jesus – Sept 2011
The Killing of Jorm Pelorvis – Aug 2013
The Evolution of Chess – Sept 2013
Abraham Lincoln’s Most Famous Case: The Almanac Trial – April 2014
Ted Bundy, Celebrity Slayer(Supplement to The Last Murder) – July 2014
Cross Examination Handbook: Persuasion Strategies & Techniques (Aspen Coursebook) Pap/Com Edition by Ronald H. Clark, William S. Bailey, George R. Dekle published by Aspen Publishers (2010) Paperback (Co-Author) – May 2015
The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case: A Critical Analysis of the Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann – Sept 2016
Chronicles of Crime and Criminals: Thirty-two Years in the Courtroom – Feb 2017
Prairie Defender: The Murder Trials of Abraham Lincoln – May 2017
Six Capsules: The Gilded Age Murder of Helen Potts (True Crime History) – 2019

Howard Denson (Science Fiction/Historical Mystery/Non-Fiction/Humor)
Jacksonville, Fl

Shoot-Out with a Wild-Eyed Moderate – 2012
The Wrong Stuff: Findings of a Forensic Grammarian, 2nd ed. – 2013
Mowbray and the Sharks: Being a Tale of Ghosts, Gangsters, and Nazis – 2015
Mowbray and the Baron: Being a Tale of Ghosts, Crooks, and Social Vampires – 2015
Gunfight with a Wild-Eyed Moderate: On Cowboys, Cargirls, Penboys, and Chalkers-and-Talkers -2015
A Quandary of Fibbles: Tales of True Love and Lust amid Head-Choppers, Spells, and Urban Ennui – 2015
Fibble-Fabbles: Tales for Grown-Ups, Precocious Teens, Nerds, Biddies and Geezers, and for the Socially Immature – 2015
The Wrong Stuff: Findings of a Forensic Grammarian – 2015
The Case of the Anniversary Libation: A Judah P. Benjamin-Horatio T. Burdette Mystery 2015
Clare and the Country People and Other Stories: Tales of Lower Appalachia – December 9, 2016
Happy Birthday, Authors: Finding Your Place Among Writers – January 29, 2017
Mowbray and the Wolves: A Novel Set in 1938 Tennessee and New York – November 4, 2017
The Michelangelo of Marsay: a contemporary novel in the foothills of Appalachia – February 3, 2018
The Waldentown Express: A Novel – February 17, 2018
Parables for Our Vexing Times: For Bubbas Past and Present – March 17, 2018
Wolfram and the Rainbow Ranch: A novel of the Old West of the 1870s – March 21, 2018
The Savage Scot amid the Redskins and Redcoats: Two novels about Levi McGregor – March 31, 2018
includes both “McGregor and the Lost Tribe” and “McGregor and the Patriots”

Lena Diaz (Romantic Suspense Writer)
St. Augustine, Fl

She has 5 series published and other books that you can find on her website that are set in different States in the U.S. as well as in Florida that are available on all major online bookstores as well as some local libraries.

Explosive Attraction – May 2013
Undercover Twin (Harlequin Intrigue) – Dec 2013

The Marshal’s Witness – Feb 2013
The Bodyguard (Harlequin Intrigue) – May 2014

He Kills Me, He Kills Me Not (Deadly Games Thrillers) – Aug 2011
Simon Says Die (Deadly Games Thrillers) – Mar 2012
Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Dead (Deadly Games Thrillers) – Sept 2013
Take the Key and Lock Her Up: A Deadly Games Thriller (Deadly Games Thrillers) – Aug 2014

Missing in the Glades (Marshland Justice) – Dec 2015
Arresting Developments (Marshland Justice) – Jan 2016
Deep Cover Detective (Marshland Justice) – Aug 2016
Hostage Negotiation (Marshland Justice) – Sept 2016

Exit Strategy: An EXIT Inc. Thriller (EXIT Inc. Thrillers) – June 2015
No Exit: An EXIT Inc. Thriller (EXIT Inc. Thrillers) – Jan 2016
Final Exit: An EXIT Inc. Thriller (EXIT Inc. Thrillers) – Jan 2017

Tennessee Takedown (Harlequin Intrigue) – Feb 2014
Mountain Witness (Tennessee SWAT) – Feb 2017
Secret Stalker (Tennessee SWAT) – Mar 2017

Victor DiGenti a.k.a. Parker Francis (Adventure/Mystery Fiction Writer)
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl

Current leader of the NE Florida Writers Association Chapter:
Author Website:

Windrusher Series – Published under Vicent DiGenti
Windrusher Book 1 – 2004
Windrusher and the Cave of Tho-hoth Book 2 – 2005
Windrusher and the Trail of Fire – 2008 – no longer in print or available on Amazon

Quint Mitchell Mystery Series – Published Under Parker Francis
Matanzas BayBook 1 – Mar 2011
Bring Down the FuriesBook 2 – Oct 2012
Blue Crabs at MidnightBook 3 – Oct 2012
Hurricane IslandBook 4 – Mar 2015

Ghostly Whispers, Secret Voices – 2013 – 6 Short Stories

Sharon Drane (Romance)
Jacksonville, Fl
Website: (Hasn’t posted for a year)
Personal Facebook page:

Touch the Sky Series
Touch The Sky– Book 1 – June 2014
Swept Away – Book 2 – Nov 2015
His Wicked Lady – Book 3 – Aug 2016
Trust Your Heart – novella

Frances Driscoll (Poetry/Children’s Fiction Writer)
She currently lives in Atlantic Beach, Florida

The Rape Poems – Jan 1997
The Swan Boat Ride – Feb 2013
Seaglass Picnic – Dec 2015