Update for Suwannee County Author Jimmy Deas

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Update for Suwannee County Author Jimmy Deas

Live Oak, Florida Christian Fiction and Non-Fiction author has published and released a new book filled with story stories about love, life and other things that will make you laugh. And some will just cause you to reflect upon your own life experiences.

1. How do you use social media as an author?
In several ways. I have a Facebook page just to promote and inform people about my books. I post something almost every day. I’m also a member of a dozen author Facebook groups and I also post information on those pages. Every Monday I post a reel about one of my books. I have found that the more I post, the more feedback I get, and it is reflected in my book sales. An added benefit is the contact I have made with several successful authors in America and other countries. I do occasionally buy a Facebook ad and run it for five days.

2. How much research do you do for a book?
That depends on the book. All four of my novels are set in towns I have lived in, so I’m familiar with streets, businesses, etc. I do interview people for specific information so that what I write is accurate. My current WIP involves a good deal of research due to the plots: a murder, domestic violence and abuse. I’m interviewing law enforcement personnel, agencies that work with victims of domestic abuse, and retired judges and prosecutors. I also visit the locations that will be in the book, including jails.

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Author on the Web

Facebook Personal Page: https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.deas.9
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075985915448
Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Jimmy-Deas/author/B087QXKRPH

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Let Me Tell You A Story by Jimmy Deas
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I am a retired medical office worker who sold everything, bought an old RV and began traveling around the state of Florida with her mother and youngest daughter. My mother has since passed and I work on my books, blogs and websites in the rural quiet of Suwannee County Florida.

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