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Sam Berretti is a Gainesville, Florida mystery, suspense writer. He has an ‘in’ with a media consultant who produced his video interview for us. It turned out really spectacular. So other than adding a plug for our website it is perfect just the way it is. He did fill out the application along with the written interview portion. We all hope you enjoy both. Please like, share, comment on this and all of our author promo videos and featured articles to all of your family and friends.

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Published Works

Seekers Mystery Series
Double Mayhem – Book 1
Good Girl Gone – Book 2
Blood Revenge – Book 3 (Coming Soon)

O’Brien’s Law Mystery
The Black Rose – Book 1

Brief Bio

Sam Berretti was born and raised in the High Plains city of Lubbock, Texas. Cotton was king and oil wells and cattle were always close by. The land was as flat as his mother’s tattered ironing board and Spring was always ushered in with dust storms, tumbleweeds, and tornadoes. Sam moved to Florida to attend the University of Florida, met a woman who he says was gracious enough to allow him to marry her and raised two amazing children. Sam is also an avid naturalist and photographer.

Interview Answers

With the publishing of my first book I changed the process of my writing in that I became much more organized, setting up digital folders and saving outlines, research facts, and links. Also, character descriptions because I need to make them consistent in all of the same series.

As far as unfinished projects, I have one science fiction book I finished maybe twenty years ago. It needs serious reworking and editing, but I may yet go back to it. I also have a movie script from years past gathering dust, plus a notebook full of ideas.

The time it takes to complete a book is amazing. It usually takes me about a year or more. There is the initial concept sketch, the general outline, writing, research during the writing process, the editing, feedback from beta readers, more editing, artwork, and final publishing. And all through that is…life, with all its many surprises and demands.

When writing a book, the most painful part is editing out sections, paragraphs, or even characters for various reasons. Typically for me, the parts I end up having to
remove are lengthy descriptions of locales, “interesting information,” or minor character development that leads nowhere.

Book reviews are an important part of the overall process and I do read them all and appreciate them, even the bad ones. I try to learn from them. What am I doing right, or what did I get wrong? I do react to them in that, if they find an error, I fix it in the next edition.

Sam Produced his own interview video

Now that you have a channel it’s time to produce book trailers for each book, and post other videos for your readers! – Hint, Hint…..

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I am a retired medical office worker who sold everything, bought an old RV and began traveling around the state of Florida with her mother and youngest daughter. We have settled down in the Lake City, Florida area for now as I am writing another book and have began taking on website design and social media content creator clients.

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