Lainey Sheas Treasure Quest by Vickey Wollan

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Lainey Shea’s Treasure Quest: The Silver Beaver Tokens by Vickey Wollan – Paperback and ebook versions release on Amazon on May 7, 2024! Join in on the fun with a new type of story written by author Vickey Wollan. She is the queen of Holiday Sweet Romance and is now branching out to add adventure and history to her writer’s arsenal.


Joan gave her a big hug. Then pulled back with a start. “You’re wet.”
“Better wet than shot.” Lainey looked in Declan’s direction.


Lainey Shea, an archeologist, fulfills her dream of starting a treasure-hunting company. However, a scorned ex-professor tries to undermine her efforts. Fearful of his stalking ways, she decides to get local law enforcement involved.

Police Officer Declan Donnovan is Lainey’s former high school nemesis. He’s a bad boy turned cop hoping to clean up his tarnished reputation and locate the fabled lost silver from a story passed down through generations of his family.

Together, they must face the physical dangers of the wilderness, a hired gun, and the emotional perils of falling in love. Can they find the lost treasure? Will the journey bring them together or tear them apart? Find out in this sweet enemies to happily-ever-after adventure romance.

Lainey Sheas Treasure Quest by Vickey Wollan

Author Bio

Always a rambunctious child, Vickey Wollan brings that energy and curiosity to her sweet adventure romance writing. Travel along as her archeologist heroine, Laney Shea, takes you with her into the wilderness and beyond finding hidden treasures a plenty.

Lainey is book and street-smart but often finds herself in dangerous situations. Luckily, she attracts many kinds of heroes to assist her in her arduous quests. As an entrepreneur, she must always fulfill her client’s dreams by finding the treasures they seek.
In addition to adventures, Vickey’s original works have Christmas themes because she likes to keep her inner child alive. Whether it is her three-novel series: A Snowflake Christmas – The Series set in a mountainous small town or her short stories in A Cheery Christmas Collection, these tales can best be described as festive, wholesome, and heartwarming.

Vickey lives in Florida with her business partner-husband. Together they’ve travels to many countries and a great deal of America’s National Parks. Hiking the outdoors is a great way to allow one’s imagination to run free. Those experiences fuel her creativity as she plots her next story.

Thank you for your curiosity and interest in Vickey Wollan’s creations. Please check back often for her most recent story that will transport you on an adventure.

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I am a retired medical office worker who sold everything, bought an old RV and began traveling around the state of Florida with her mother and youngest daughter. My mother has since passed and I work on my books, blogs and websites in the rural quiet of Suwannee County Florida.

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