North Florida Writers L and M

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Below is a listing of all the Northeast Florida published authors we can find or have been told about with the last names beginning with the letters L and M. If you are a published northeast Florida author and your name isn’t listed please use our CONTACT US form and let us know we would be happy to add you.

Kassandra Lamb (Cozy Mysteries/Non-Fiction) [a.k.a. Jessica Dale]
Gainesville, Fl
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Kate Hunting Mystery Series
Multiple Motives – Dec 2011
Ill-Timed Entanglements – Mar 2012
Family Fallacies – Jun 2012
Celebrity Status – Oct 2012
Collateral Casualties – May 2013
Zero Hero – Dec 2013
Fatal Forty-Eight – Nov 2014
Suicidal Suspicions – Oct 2015
Anxiety Attack – Feb 2017

Kate on Vacation Series
An Unsaintly Season in St. Augustine – Mar 2013
Cruel Capers on the Caribbean – June 2014
Ten-Gallon Tensions in Texas – Mar 2015
Missing on Maui – Jun 2016

Maria Banks and Buddy Mystery Series
To Kill A Labrador – April 2016
Arsenic and Young Lacy – Sept 2016
The Call of the Woof – July 2017
A Mayfair Christmas Carol – Dec 2017
Patches In The Rye – July 2018
The Legend of Sleepy Mayfair – Oct 2018

Someday Is Here!: A Beginner’s Guide to Writing and Publishing Your First Book – Jan 2016

Betsy S and K. Ross Lee (Children and Historical Fiction Writers)
Elkton, Fl
Husband and wife team of writers. She wrote a very popular children’s book series involving her greyhound including “Off the Track”. All their books are available on their website, Barnes and Noble, with a few on Amazon.

Off to Hollywood – Feb 2007
Seven Red Knots: A St Augustine Time Travel Mystery 2013
Andrew Ranson: St Augustine’s Pirate – June 2014
The Relic: Jerusalm to St Augustine Fl. – won First Place for Unpublished, book-length Novella. – May 2018

Kari Lemor (Romantic Suspense)
St. Augustine, Fl

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Love on the Line Series
Wild Card Undercover (book 1)
Running Target (book 2)
Fatal Evidence (book 3)
Hidden Betrayal (Book 4)
Death Race (Book 5)
Tactical Revenge (Book 6)

Storms of New England Series
Elusive Dreams (book 1)
True Dreams (book 2)
Stolen Dreams (book 3)
Forgotten Dreams: A Christmas in New England Story
Broken Dreams (Book 4)
Lost Dreams (Book 5)

Secrets Under the Sun: Last Chance Beach Romance – Coming out on Nov 7, 2021

Beautiful Disaster Anthology
Worst Holiday Ever Anthology
A Witch by Chance: A Written Fireside Short Story
I looked Away: Fireside Short Story
Unstable Ground – Free on her website

Jolene MacFadden (Non-Fiction Writer)
Live Oak, Fl
(Native Floridian born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida)

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Books Published by Author

Insider’s Guide to Campground Hosting in Florida Parks: Free Campsites for Volunteers – Oct 2014

Top Ten Ways to Market Your Book for FREE – May 2020
(Now Available in Audio Format too)

Author’s How to Brand You and Your Books – 2022

Workbook Series

Book Review Workbook: Practice Makes Perfect – Become a Professional Paperback – June 7, 2021

Limericks – Create Your Own: Workbook Paperback – June 5, 2021

Passed Down Recipes: From all the Past Generations of Men and Women in Our Family to Future Generations to Come Paperback – June 27, 2021

Daily Business Appointment and Social Media Planner – November 18, 2022

Kids Camping in Florida Activity Books

Suwannee River State Park: Activities, Games, Record Your Adventures and Share (Florida Public Land Areas for Kids) Paperback – June 28, 2021

Anastasia State Park: Activities, Games, Record Your Adventures and Share (Florida Public Land Areas for Kids) – Paperback – December 12, 2021

Faver Dykes State Park – Activities, Games, Record Your Adventures and Share – Paperback Sept 2023

Florida Caverns State Park – Activities, Games, Record Your Adventures and Share – Paperback Sept 2023

Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area Flagler Beach – Activities, Games, Record Your Adventures and Share – Paperback – Sept 2023

Harry Mann – (Historical Fiction)
St. Augustine, Fl
Website: (not updated in a number of years)

Molly (Carroll Family Saga Book 1) – May 2013
Brothers (Carroll Family Saga Book 2) – Aug 2013
Generations (Carroll Family Saga Book 3) – Sept 2015

Debi Matlack (Fiction/Paranorma)
Fleming Island, Fl
Website/Blog: (last updated 2 years ago)
Website/Blog: (last updated Oct 2015)

Blackwater Creek Series
Old Dogs – Book 1 – Oct 2012

The Lucky Cat Shop Series
The Lucky Cat Shop Book 1- Feb 2016
Little Big Cat – Book 2 – Sept 2017

Christine Mazurk (General Fiction/Romance)
Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl
Personal Facebook:

Mystical Connections – July 2013
Passion’s Race (Passion’s Series Book 1)– Oct 2014
Passion’s Spirit (Passion’s Series Book 2) – Oct 2015
Sisters of Spirit (An SOS Anthology Book 1) – (Contributor) – Re-Released April 2018 (Originally published Jan 2013)

Wray McCalester (Poetry)
Lake City, Fl
Blog: (Hasn’t updated since 2015)
Facebook Closed Group Page:
Personal Facebook Page:

Published Work:
The Blackbird’s Boast – Available in eBook, Paperback and hardback format

The author states it took him 50 years to write 1 book not sure if he will do another.
Kevin M. McCarthy (Non-Fiction)
Gainesville, Fl
Website: last updated Sept 2017

Author, Editor or Co-Author of the following:

Grammar and Usage: A Rapid Review by McCarthy Kevin (1980-02-01) Paperback – 1980
Saudi Arabia: A Desert Kingdom – 1986
The History of Gilchrist County [Florida]: The Little County in the Middle of Nowhere, that is Close to Everything – 1986 [out-of-print-can find copy at the Gilchrist Co Historical Society and perhaps the local library]
Florida Stories – 1989
More Florida Stories – 1989
Florida Lighthouses – 1990
Nine Florida Stories by Marjory Stoneman Douglas – 1990
The Book Lover’s Guide to Florida – 1992
Thirty Florida Shipwrecks – 1992
African Americans in Florida – 1993
The Gators and the Seminoles: Honor, Guts and Glory – 1993
Twenty Florida Pirates – 1994
Black Florida – 1995
Baseball in Florida – 1996
Guide to the University of Florida and Gainesville – 1997
Lighthouses of Ireland – 1997
A River in Flood and Other Florida Stories – 1998
Alligator Tales – 1998
Georgia’s Lighthouses and Historic Coastal Sites – 1998
Native Americans in Florida – 1999
Christmas in Florida – 2000
Fightin’ Gators: A History of the University of Florida Football – 2000
Ocala – 2001
BABE RUTH IN FLORIDA, Second Edition – 2002
Florida Outhouses – 2002
Aviation in Florida – 2003
Honoring the Past, Shaping the Future. The University of Florida, 1853-2003 – 2003
Apalachicola Bay – 2004
Over Southeast Florida -2005
St. Johns River Guidebook – 2005
Cedar Key, Florida: An Illustrated History – 2006
African American Sites in Florida – 2007
Cedar Key, Florida: A History– 2007
Florida Outhouses: An Ode to the Shack in the Back – 2007
Historic Photos of University of Florida Football – 2009
Micanopy , Florida : A Illustrated History – 2009
Suwannee River Guidebook – 2009
Hillsborough River Guidebook (Rivers of Florida) – 2011
Remembering University of Florida Football – 2011
Caloosahatchee River Guidebook – 2012
Antioch on the Orontes: An Illustrated History – 2013
Castles of Turkey – 2013
Hamaca Happenings at Cross Creek – 2013
North Florida Waterways – 2013
South Florida Waterways – 2013
The Historic Haile Homestead at Kanapaha Plantation: An Illustrated History – 2014
The Autobiography of Kevin M. McCarthy – 2015
St. Luke the Evangelist: An Illustrated Biography – 2015
Drayton Island: An Illustrated History – 2016
Gators and Seminoles: A Football Rivalry for the Ages (Images of Sports) – 2016
The Galata Bridge in Istanbul: An Illustrated History – 2016
Melrose, Florida: An Illustrated History – 2017

African Americans at the University of Florida – 1993 – unavailable
Benjamin Otis Franklin Jr: His Life Story – unavailable
Carl Joseph: Some Called Me “Superstar” – unavailable
Greek Americans of Florida – unavailable
Judge Stephan P. Mickle: His Life and Legacy – unavailable
Lake City, Florida: A Sesquicentennial Tribute – 2009 – unavailable
The AVT Learning System in Writing Grammar & Paragraphs – unavailable
The Gainesville Florida Police Department: An Illustrated History – unavailable
The Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society: The First 25 Years – unavailable
Twentieth-Century Florida Authors – 1996 – unavailable
Turkey 2 Volunteers the Peace Corps: 1963-2008 – unavailable
Women at the University of Florida – unavailable
Lincoln High School Gainesville Florida Its History and Legacy – 2012 – unavailable

He has numerous published articles in a wide variety of magazines and periodicals throughout his long career.

Col. Will G. Merrill, Jr. (Non-Fiction)
Jacksonville, Fl
His website is no longer valid

9/11 Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes: NYC – The First Battle in the War Against Terror! – Jul 2011

Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes – Afghanistan and Iraq: The Face of War – March 2017

Ron Miller (Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction)
Yulee, Florida
Amazon Profile Page:
eday and Hoy: a Development Survey 1969 (out-of-print)
Horse Bones: 12 Tales– 2008
Callie Kinser of Brush Creek – 2014

Tia Mosby (Children’s Book)
Gainesville, Fl
Facebook Page:
Book Facebook Page:

Published Works:
Extraordinary Annie (author states it is best to buy book on Barnes and Noble or contact her directly)
School Worksheets available on her website

Tammy Mowrey (Illustrator/Children’s Fiction)
Branford, Fl

Amazon Author Profile:
Author Email:
Facebook Personal Profile:

The Original Mr. Phelps: What makes you different makes you Original! – Feb. 2024

Nancy H. Murray (Fiction/Non-Fiction/Children’s Fiction)
Jacksonville, Florida
Personal Facebook: (hasn’t posted to it since 2013 except to add picture 2017)

The Madonnas of St. Augustine a Remarkable History – 2013
The Night the Elephants Cried – a story of the Tsunami – 2008
Gullah, The Nawleans Cat Meets Katrina – Oct 2011
Mary of the Candles – A La Leche Sketchbook – not sure of publication date – (Buy on her website only)

Eric Musgrove (Historical Fiction)
Live Oak, Fl
No longer has a website and only has personal Facebook page not updated since 2015

Suwannee County (Images of America) Nov 2011
Lost Suwannee County July 2017

Max Myllan (Mystery/Suspense)
Palm Coast, Florida
Website is no longer valid
Facebook: (nothing has been posted since creation)
Twitter: (no posts since June 2014)

Blue Collar Assassins Series
The Carpenter – March 2014
The Electrician – Sept 2014