Self-Published Books by North Florida Authors 2022 to 2024

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Sunshine State Scribblers: Self-Published Books by North Florida Authors 2022 to 2024 – Presenting one or two from each of our representative counties localed within the Northeast Florida region. Still need Putnam, Baker, Bradford, Union, Flagler, Lafayette, Levy, Dixie, Madison, Lee

North Florida’s literary scene is as vibrant as the Spanish moss draping its ancient oaks. From the Panhandle’s sugar-sand beaches to the bustling streets of Jacksonville, a chorus of talented authors weave their tales. But in the ever-evolving world of publishing, self-published voices often fight to be heard. So, let’s shine a light on some of the Sunshine State’s brightest self-published gems, penned by authors right here in our own North Florida backyard!

Disclaimer: This list is by no means exhaustive, and the selection is based on a combination of factors, including critical acclaim, reader reviews, and commercial success. Remember, dear reader, the true mark of a great book is its ability to stir your soul, so dive in and discover your next favorite story!

American Music: Born in the USA: A History of American Music” (01/2024) by Kathleen Walls [Clay County] (Non-Fiction/Mystery): When early settlers came to America they often brought few material items, but they brought many customs, traditions, and music of their homeland here. These things, mainly the music took root in America’s soil and grew.

A State of Irony: Florida” (01/2024) – by Bonnie T Ogle [Alachua County] (Children Books/Non-Fiction): From pirates and shipwrecks to skunk apes and frozen iguanas, A State of Irony: Florida will steer you through the ironies that make Florida so alluring. Here you’ll learn how to dodge land mines on the beach, survive the dangerous avocado, and obtain space alien insurance. A must-read for anyone choosing to live in Florida!

South Beach Mystery Series” (Book 6 – 12/2023) – by Kay Dew Shostak [Nassau County] (Mystery/Thriller): Jewel Mantelle has never lived in the South, much less on the coast, so moving from Chicagoland to the historic North Florida coastal town of Sophia Island seems like just the adventure to fix her marriage. Book Six in the Southern Beach Mystery series set on an island on the Northeast Coast of Florida. Sure, folks may say having your house on the Christmas Home Tour is murder.
But until now—did they really mean it?

A Cheery Christmas Collection” (11/2023) – by Vickey Wollan [Volusia County] (Sweet Romance) – This festive anthology will brighten your holiday season with seven romantic tales each with a twist of Christmas magic. All feature a happily-ever-after that aims to put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart.

Never on Monday” (05/2023) by Maggie FitzRoy [St. Johns County](Romantic/Thriller): It’s the summer of 1955 in Philadelphia and newly licensed private investigator, Story Smith, is ready for action, ready for adventure, and gunning to prove she has what it takes to succeed— even though she still needs to buy a gun and learn how to use it.

First Coast Thriller Series” (12/2022) by Armand Rosamilia [Duval County] (Horror/Thriller): Ex-cop Clayton Conway has made some mistakes. He’s trying to work hard with a repo company, hooking cars and boats. Raise his daughter and stay friendly with his ex-wife. Make enough money to pay the rent on his tiny apartment over a bar in Jacksonville Beach.

Ripples: A Mark Thomas Novel” (09/2022) by Jimmy Deas [Hamilton County] (Christian Fiction/Memoirs): Ripples combines suspense, intrigue, love, faith, and forgiveness in a story that will keep you reading. This is the fourth book in the Mark Thomas series: Ran Like Joseph, Just Have Faith, and Prodigal Sons. Ripples is the second book set in the fictional North Florida beach town of Dorado Beach.

Truth Wins (Truth Series Book 3)” (7/2022) by Lacey Dancer [Suwannee County] (Suspense/Thriller/Romance): Felicity Ramsey was enjoying a relaxing evening with Ace. An unexpected call on a line that few had brought the early years of Skye/Sea Security crashing into the present. Andre, a trainee from one of her hands-on weapons and tactical programs, has overheard a Senator and an unknown man discussing the assassination by Skye/Sea of two congressmen five years before. The operation was one of the first assignments Felicity’s new company had undertaken for a government agency that had needed an outside contractor rather than use its people.

The Life of Rileigh” (01/2022) by L.L. Eadie [Columbia County] (Historical, Young Adult): was born a bastard at a county hospital…When most girls of sixteen were getting their driver’s licenses my mother was getting herself a baby. As a child, I spent a lot of time in an orphanage called the Margaret Lloyd Stansel’s Children’s Asylum. My mother preferred to call it a boarding school or summer camp depending upon the time of year I was visiting.

Remember, this is just a starting point. There are countless other talented North Florida authors waiting to be discovered. So, explore your local bookstores, attend literary events, and delve into the vibrant world of self-published literature. You might just find your next hidden gem, penned by a neighbor whose words resonate with the Sunshine State spirit.

**Do you have any recommendations for self-published North Florida authors? – Give us a shout-out if you are a self-published author living with the counties we have selected and have published a book within the last 24 months – CLICK HERE


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