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Jeffry Boatright (Suwannee County Florida) has been writing fiction for nearly three decades and has published three mystery novels. He enjoys creating emotional and realistic stories with stimulating characters. Planting Seed is his first book with a Christian theme and is reflective of his unique style. Jeffry lives in North Florida where he works and enjoys the tranquility of the rural area.

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Brief Biography

God has blessed me in so many ways. I am thankful that He provided the opportunity for me to spend an abundance of time with my parents, grandparents, and a host of older relatives who instilled the moral values and work ethic that I would need in life.

Growing up on a farm was common for my generation in Suwannee County, and that way of life provided plenty of hard work, but it also afforded us an abundance of fun and inexpensive entertainment. One form of inexpensive entertainment was telling and repeating humorous stories. I was compelled, however, to take the storytelling to another level and embellish those stories in the form of fiction.
For over thirty years, I have been telling my stories. Some days, I will claim that it is merely a hobby. If I’m honest, I will admit that it is a passion. My passion for writing has been fueled by encouragement from family and friends.

My wife, Marcia, and I live in Live Oak and both teach school in Branford. We are active at Beulah Baptist Church and enjoy the beauty that all of North Florida offers.

Published Books

Gray Hammock – 1998 (Couldn’t find in print anywhere)
Journey of Truth – 1999
Back Road Home – 2006 (Couldn’t Find in print anywhere)
Planting Seed – 2015
Red O’Brennen Done Got Saved – 2015

Carry Responsibly: Tips for Safe and Legal Handgun Ownership – 2016

A New Walk: Strategies for New and Prospective Christians – 2016

Author Interview

What does literary success look like to you?

Literary success, for me, would be for someone to read and enjoy my work a century or even two centuries from now. Of course, I will never know if I am ever actually successful in that manner.

How do you select the names of your character?

My study is filled with books and I often pick a name from an author from one of the books that surround me. Other times I might use old family names.

Does your family support your career as a writer?

This is a favorite question of all because it is the easiest. Yes! My family has always been supportive of my writing career. They are my biggest fans and critics. In all honesty, my wife, parents, and siblings would make me a much better author than I am. I also have a host of nieces and nephews who are all quite talented and capable authors. It is exciting to consider what the future has in store for them.

Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Both. If I’m really into the story or the character, I cannot stop! I want to learn more about the character, conduct more research, and write like there is no tomorrow. If I am struggling with the story or the character, I become exhausted trying to solve the problem and get beyond the difficulty.

If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?

Read more! Good readers make good writers. I would tell myself not to rush being published. First impressions can be lasting impressions. Certainly, I would encourage myself to enjoy the experience, listen to others, and look for character in everyone. Above all, I would advise against compromising my integrity.

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I am a retired medical office worker who sold everything, bought an old RV and began traveling around the state of Florida with her mother and youngest daughter. My mother has since passed and I work on my books, blogs and websites in the rural quiet of Suwannee County Florida.

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