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Darlene H. Eaton (Fiction) – Duval County Florida Writer from Jacksonville, Florida. Sadly, there is no updates about her or any new books since the article in the Clay Today newspaper in February 2005. So, Darlene, wherever you are we wish to remember you and the book you did publish. Should you ever wish to release that book in eBook format just get in touch with Jolene and she will be happy to help you out.

She has no website, no Facebook page, no Twitter account, or author profile on Amazon. We will include her anyway as she took the time to write and publish her book, “The Osceola Community Club” and it and she deserves praise for getting it done!

The Osceola Community Club – May 2004
Darlene Eaton Duval County Writer

When Cassandra Burquette accompanies a group of middle-aged women on a day trip to the small Florida village where she grew up, her travels take her much farther than she could have foreseen — back to 1958 to a long-forgotten Osceola (named for a war-mongering Seminole chief grabbed from beneath a white flag of truce — shame on those disreputable Yankee skunks!””) and the heat of an unforgettable summer that stirred her first womanly feelings. The sleepy little village is no more. All that remain are a few old buildings, including a used bookstore, where she finds a 1958 fundraising cookbook, Sauti Then Simmer, put together by the Osceola Community Club. In it are advertisements from merchants she remembers and recipes submitted by people she knew when she was a young girl. The recipes remind her of the townspeople and of the bittersweet summer in which she turned twelve, the same year the cookbook was published. The Osceola Community Club sizzles as only a small Southern village of the fifties can sizzle. In typical Southern fashion, everything in the community revolves around a tableful of traditions: edible, ethical, and moral. Readers are invited to sit at this table alongside the townsfolk during the preparations, the presentations, and the social implications that are cooked up, stirred up, and served up — community-style — for all to see. Come taste the completed recipes with tongue and heart. Pull up a chair. Grab that old cowhide-bottomed one Grandpa whittled.””

Florida Times-Union Article – August 21, 2011 – About Teachers

Educators can still inspire and encourage 40 years after a student has graduated. An Englewood High School graduate, class of 1966, I was inspired and encouraged when, as a novice author whose first novel was published in 2004, a Florida Times-Union journalist contacted my 11th-grade American history teacher, Irvine Early, to request a quote about me to insert in the newspaper. Learning that my teacher had described my school days’ writing efforts as “immaculate” assured me I could successfully tackle a career as a writer even though there were 60 candles on my birthday cake.

Darlene H. Eaton, Southside

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