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Welcome to the new North Florida Writers Tour blog and news feed. We have created and updated this website to feature and support all of our published North Florida Writers. 2022 should be the year of the Independent Author. We are striving to gather as much information as we can on ALL writers living in the North Florida area and share them with our readers. Supporting one another is the best way to gain new book sales. Do what you can by buying, reading and writing reviews of all of your favorite authors. Let us know which authors you would like us to feature by commenting below.

Submit Your Own

All published authors living and/or working in the North Florida region can create their very own article. All you need to do is visit the submit your own articles page. These can be about yourself or one of your favorite North Florida published authors. We would like a short video to work with to add to our social media pages as well as a professional head-shot of the author (at least 600x800px and 300 dpi)


If you want to submit your own article about yourself and your published works you must live somewhere in the North Florida area, including a brief biography, a listing of your published books, links to your website, email address, and social media pages. You should include at least 1 picture preferably of yourself and 2 more if you like. Finally, choose 5 or 6 questions from our 50 Questions to Ask Authors and include your answers to fill out the feature article.

What we do

We will review the post and schedule it for the next available posting slot. Once published you can then share, like and comment on the posts, get your family and friends to do the same. The more people who like and share these articles the more likely you will get more readers and, in the process, sell more books.

In the meantime we will be creating short video ads about our upcoming writers and posting them on our Youtube Channel as well as our other social media pages. We will be creating some posters (memes) that can be shared on your own websites and social media pages. Whether we write the articles or someone else does we hope to publish at least once a week and possibly get to the point of publishing every day. Our main goal is to promote our great writers and their stories.

How You Can Help

Everyone can assist us by subscribing to this website, sharing, liking and commenting. If you can take a few minutes each day to visit the websites and social media pages of your fellow published authors we will all benefit in the end.


I am a retired medical office worker who sold everything, bought an old RV and began traveling around the state of Florida with her mother and youngest daughter. My mother has since passed and I work on my books, blogs and websites in the rural quiet of Suwannee County Florida.

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